We keep our dogs in a family home environment, in pack spirit. In our kennel there are neither bars and cages nor concrete slabs…
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Exceptional SHIBA INU dogs from award-winning parents

Hoshibaru kennel

For us, dogs are family members and companions. They are companions in our everyday life, leisure time, sports programs, as well as in our joys and sorrows. We pay a lot of attention to the professional training and proper socialization of our Shiba dogs, as well as the development and preservation of their physical and mental condition. It is also important to regularly visit dog shows and club events, and to compete with our Shiba at exhibitions. Our professional friends with extensive experience in the world of dog training and exhibitions also help us in this work.

Exceptional Shiba Inu puppies

Hoshibaru - Shiba Inu Kennel

Our philosophy

Our breeding philosophy is simple: only with the power of nature. What this means in practice: we do not interfere in the reproductive cycle of breeding pairs in any artificial way or by any means.

We only use natural hedges. We strive to minimize inbreeding and, if possible, eliminate it completely. We do not assist in the birth of offspring, only fully viable individuals survive. We entrust the care of the puppies entirely to the mothers, but we pay special attention to the maximum service of our mothers and ensure their complete well-being.

This challenge can only be achieved with a lot of learning, experience, humility and patience. We are ready for this great work. Get to know our dogs, let’s be lucky!

Pictures of life

Hoshibaru - Shiba Inu Kennel

Hoshibaru kennel - Litter 'A'

Father: Somota Diamond Rose Lovelyboy
Mother: Shiomaru Listen To Your Heart
Date of birth: 2023. 03. 23.
Puppies: 1 male, 4 female
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